Research and love for the territory

In our winery we follow different techniques of wine making in order to probe, also from the oenological point of view, what are the potentialities of the territory where the farm is set. Therefore we have classical vinification for consolidated red and white wines and innovative winemaking processes of research: fermentative maceration of white grapes (Vermentino), with the exclusive use of indigenous yeasts, conducted both in stainless steel containers and in terracotta jars, researching in these wines the most intimate and natural origin of the territory.

We have to dedicate some lines to the aging process because we have “cement” barrels (organic mortars), egg­shaped, which allow an inside constant stream circulation of the wine; these barrels are ideal for “sur lie” aging that is practiced on all the wines in our winery. La Ghiaia Estate is among the first, if not the first farm to use this type of containers in Italy.

The company has also an underground winery (barricaia) where humidity and temperature conditions are suitable for aging, not necessarily carried out only in containers of wood, of wines that have in longevity one of their main characteristics.

In this moment of our farm development there is a great receptivity towards those processes and materials suitable for the growing of natural wines in cohesion with the territory. We are an open yard on the wine of the future that will be probably rooted in the past, in an not even immediate past.


White grape varieties: Vermentino
Red grapes varieties: Sangiovese, Merlot and Massaretta.

The core of the vineyard is over 40 years old; a fundamental characteristic to express in the wine the deep tension that holds together the vine land: old vines have roots in great depths and so they are in contact with the main elements of the soil and, by adopting practices act to manage both the plant and the wine making, you can bring these elements into the glass.

The rest of the vineyard is a young plant, to bring to wines the freshness and immediacy of the grape.


The grape­harvest is the culmination of the work in the vineyard and the beginning of the work in the winery, a hinge moment in the winemaking process: if the zipper will not close completely we will have an irreparable tear in the fabric of the wine.

We handle it in different stages to search to capture the perfect balance between acids and sugars present in the grape, that is to say the fugitive moment that appears in different times in different parts of the vineyard.

We make several micro grape­harvests made trying to have the greatest care of the grapes: hand picked from the plant and placed in boxes of 20 kg capacity, then selected according to their integrity and pressed gently, before unleashing their energy in the fermentation .

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