Vermentino - Colli di Luni DOC

It represents in red the entire estate but on the contrary of Atys it has an unique winemaking process and various refinements of the produced wine: in common they have the long stay “sur lie” checked in stainless steel containers and egg-shaped cement containers.

Amalgam process is made in pre bottling phase in large stainless steel containers.

Location Sarzana
Regional district Liguria
Vineyards extension 11 hectars
Red DOC Luni Hills vineyard extension 1,5 hectars
Vine Blend of Pollera, Vermentino Nero and Massaretta
Year 2014
Number of bottles 4.500 bottles

Hand picking in 15 kg cases
Fermentation in steel tanks at controlled temperature of 28°/30° C for three weeks
12 months maturation in steel tanks with peels
Refining in bottles for 4 months at least

Colour ruby red intense
Nose very strong fruity perfumes, particulary cherry and plum. Elegant floral sensation of viola
Taste well complex with agreeable softness, even if tannins are well present. Manifeste above all fruity sensation again
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