Vermentino - Colli di Luni DOC

It is the wine that best conveys the intensity and depth of the “terroir” of the estate. It’s produced only in years in which grapes can support important maturations without altering the balance. It’s obtained from the vines that in their maturity brought in their berries the deeper soil sediments. The grapes harvested in early October undergo, during fermentation, a maceration process on the peels for a period of approximately seven days. Must finishes its fermentation in stainless steel containers and in oak barrels and remains “sur lie” with its “batonnage” for about nine months.

The wine is bottled without fining or filtration and the resulting wine is aged in bottle for nine months before the sale.

Location Falcinello, Doc Luni Hills
Regional District Liguria
Vineyards extension 11 hectars
ITG East Liguria’s Vineyard extension 1 hectar
Ground mixture of sand and silt with skeleton
Vine 100% Vermentino (over 40 years old vines)
Number of Bottles 2.500 bottles

The grapes, after the stemmer, were macerated in the must in fermentation for five days at 25 ° C approx. After racking and pressing of the grapes, the obtained must was reinstated in the wine to finish the fermentation in 550-liter oak barrels (50%) and stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature (23% approx)

Refining “sur lie”, both in steel tanks and carat, through the technique of “batonnage” in the month of May following the grape-harvest, the wine was assembled in stainless steel tanks, with all its peels derived from the “fermentation bed”. In early July by a process of peels removal, we bottle it

Bottling is done in mid-July without clarification and with a mild filtration, affecting as less as possible the complex texture formed in the wine, complexity that we should further increase in refining in the bottle. At bottling time specifications were: Alcohol 14.3% vol., 5 ‰ acidity, ph 3.40, dry extract 24 q/l

The golden yellow colour and the thick clarity prelude to a wine of unusual cut. To the nose it opens with light reductive notes that are the prologue, after a few minutes of oxygen in a large glass, to an explosion of citrus and floral notes (bergamot, grapefruit, orange blossom) emerging from an iodized substrate. Embossing large rotations to the glass, mineral notes alternate to herb (thyme and rosemary) are exalted, to introduce us to the hot sensations of grapes in alcohol, clinging to sandalwood. The palate entry is sweet and warm, with hints of white peach pulp, apricot and sandalwood that evolve into elegant mineral notes, opening to the Vermentino typical bitter.

It has to be served in large glasses at a temperature of about 13%. The food combinations can be: the Catalan shrimps, codfish stew, the Livorno style cooked codfish, rabbit casserole with olives. Medium aged goat cheeses.
From the stylistic point of view Ithaa is exploring another side of Vermentino Colli di Luni, one deep and somewhat dark side, The Dark Side of the Moon Wine; so dark that when the wine is poured into the glass, it gives us an explosion of light.

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